• We Supply the GPS Tracking Hardware

Our tiny GPS Tracking device is installed discreetly into your vehicle, completely out of sight.

  •  We Install the GPS Tracking Hardware in Your Vehicle

One of our Installation Engineers  will come to you and professionally install the tracking devices in to your vehicle.**

  •  We Set up Your Fleettracking WEB APP with YOUR Features

We create a WEB APP for you, which gives you access to your Fleettracking system from any computer connected to the internet.

  • We Offer Full Training to You and Your Team

We’ve made easy to follow tutorial videos on how to use your fleet tracking web app. After that,  our Technical Team are on hand for additional training and support over the phone or by email, should you ever need it.

  •  Unlimited Changes to Your WEB APP

You might want to “allow” or “dis-allow” certain features from time to time. Fleettracking Clients have access to all features. The only reason we don’t allow all features for all Clients is because most simply don’t need all of them.

** If you want to install yourself then this is of course fine, but it does invalidate the lifetime hardware warranty.


We are UNIQUE from other companies in that we DONT TIE YOU INTO A CONTRACT.

With us there is no contract at all (beyond the promises made on this page) and you can switch your tracking system “on” or “off” as you please.

IDEAL For Startup Companies.

We are able to offer this deal because we know that no one has a better vehicle tracking system with more features than we do.

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